Stage 7 West - Valverde - Quinta Nova

Villages where you can start this stage: Mangilde, Vale de Madeira

This stage starts in the village of Valverde. The Route can be found 514m from there (path without signs). Once in the Route, the path goes along the bBrook of Gaiteiros through agricultural and forest tracks. It gets close to the village of Mangilde, which can be visited by taking a 500m track (without signs).

Once again in the Route, further way from the village there is another optional course to visit an old pitfall called Curral de Lobos. From this point, the Route makes use of rougher footpaths, going down towards the Farm of Maçaínhas. Here there is a track that leads to Vale de Madeira (without signs) and further ahead, after one crosses the Brook of Gaiteiros, another track going to the river beach.

The path crosses once again the Brook of Gaiteiros, where this one flows into the Côa. Then it goes up the hill until the place of Pesqueiro, where it is possible to take a path in the direction of the city of Pinhel (without signs).
Finally, following the 'Brook of the Jew' Rib.ª do Judeu, and skirting the crag, the path leads to the village of Quinta Nova (1,8km without signs).


Technical Info

Starting point: Valverde
Quinta Nova
25,5 km
Highest point:
694 m
Lowest point:
452 m
Cumulative decrease:
509 m
Cumulative increase:
388 m
(5km/hour): 4 h
Level of dificulty
(from 0-5): 4


End of the stage, Quinta Nova
Encostas do Côa, B&B and camping, +351 271 411 132
Parish of Quinta Nova, Contact Mr. Carlos Videira +351 917 530 009

During the stage
Pinhel, Quinta das Pias +351 919 792 315

FOOD&WATER Check the Interactive Map for details.
Pinhel: supermarket, coffees and fountains
Quinta Nova: coffe and grosseries shop

Encostas do Côa, +351 271 411 132
Taxis square of Pinhel, +351 271 221 863

Curral de Lobos, river beach of Vale de Madeira

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