Stage 4 Rapoula do côa - Vilar Maior

Villages where you can start this stage:Vale das Éguas, Seixo do Côa, Valongo

This stage starts near the village of Rapoula of Côa. The way to reach it from the village is done by a 950m length of car road (without Route signs). Once there, the Route path makes its way through agricultural tracks, staying close to the left shore of the river. Eventually it reaches a place called Ínsua, from where one can take a path to the village of Vale das Éguas (2,1km without Route signs) or to the river beach of the same village (700m).

The Route proceeds across woods and pastures until Ribeira do Boi ('Brook of the Bull'), a brook that one is able to cross during Spring, Summer and parts of Autumn. There is an alternative track to the Route for mountain-biking and horse-riding, signaled in its limit points. It is identified as 'Desvio BTT/Equestre Cró' and allows one to cross Ribeira do Boi more upstream, close to the thermal baths of Cró. After crossing the brook, the Route continues its way up towards the village of Seixo do Côa and then goes down again by road until reaching Côa again, where the river beach of Seixo do Côa is located. Then it crosses the river by the Mill of Pontões, it passes by the village of Valongo do Côa and follows the path that gives access to the Bridge of Sequeiros. Before the village, there is a mountain-bike and horse-riding alternative track, with the sign 'Desvio BTT/Equestre Valongo do Côa'.

In the Route, after the bridge of Sequeiros there is a way that leads to the village of Cerdeira do Côa (without Route signs). The Route progresses on the left shore of Côa until it arrives at the car road where there is the Bridge of José Luís. Here, there is a way to the village of Miuzela and to the river beach of Badamalos (without Route signs). The final part of this stage is done by crossing the bridge and then going upwards to the village of Vilar Maior, with a non-signaled way to the village of Badamalos in-between (4,4km).


Technical Info

Starting point: Rapoula do Côa
Arrival: Vilar Maior
Distance: 17,5 km
Highest point: 759m
Lowest point: 651 m
Cumulative decrease: 385 m
Cumulative increase: 425 m
Duration (5km/hour): 3,5 h
Level of dificulty (from 0-5): 4


End of the stage, Vilar Maior
Casa Villar Mayor: +351 271 648 027
Dorms of Vilar Maior, contact Mr. António Cunha: +351 926 889 140 | +351 271 647 672.
[you should bring your sleeping-bag]

During the stage,
Parish of  Vale das Éguas, contact Mr. Pedro Ferreira: +351 963 204 742
Casas Carya Tallaya (Vale das Éguas,offers transfer): +351 962 035 183
Parish of Seixo do Côa, contact Mr. Sérgio: +351 967 992 511
Parish of Vale Longo, contact Mr. Ricardo: +351 967 564 186
Parish of Miuzela, contact Mr. José Falcão: +351 962 430 133


Seixo do Côa: Coffee and fountains
Vale Longo: Coffee and fountains
Badamalos: Restaurant
Vilar Maior: Coffee and fountains
Miuzela: Grosseries shop, coffee and fountains
Cerdeira do Côa: Restaurant, grosseries shop

Taxi square of Sabugal +351 271 752 888

Visit the Spa Termas do Cró and the river beach of Vale das Éguas, Seixo do Côa and Badamalos


Possibility of flooding in some points, near the river

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