Stage 3 Sabugal - Rapoula do Côa

Villages where you can start this stage: Baraçal, Rendo, Vila do Touro

This stage starts near the Castle of Sabugal. It passes by the defensive wall and the bell tower and then crosses the city towards North.

When the urban landscape slowly gets behind, one is already close to Côa. The path then follows the tight turns of the river, penetrating dense woods in which the water sound is a useful orientation feature. In this section, the path overlaps with the Short Route of Meandros do Côa (coded PR1 SBG) as well as with the tracks 3, 4 and 5 from the Mountain-Bike Centre of Sabugal. There the Grand Route also offers an alternative track for horse-ridding and mountain-biking signaled as 'Desvio BTT/Equestre Quinta das Vinhas'.

Continuing its way, the Route passes near by the village of Rendo, crossing the river in a point close to the Delfim's mill. It follows then the left shore of Côa, passing through fresh grasslands on the way to Quinta dos Moinhos. There one crosses the river once again, forging through farms, hills and woods until the village of Rapoula of Côa is seen at a distance. From this point, the Route proceeds along rough footpaths, passing by the mills of Morgado and Giestal, then close to the hilltop of N.ª Sr.ª das Preces on the west, and finally by the mill of Poldras. This section has one more alternative track for horse-ridding and mountain-biking, passing through the village of Rapoula do Côa, and therefore identified as 'Desvio BTT/Equestre Rapoula do Côa'.

If you are on foot but nevertheless wish to visit the village, the way to be followed is a car road with a length of 950m (without Route signs). Once in the village, it is possible to go to the river beach of Rapoula do Côa, as well as to the village of Vilar do Touro (non-signaled ways).


Technical Info

Starting point: Sabugal
Arrival: Rapoula do Côa
Distance: 16,7 km
Highest point: 774 m
Lowest point: 701 m
Cumulative decrease: 295 m
Cumulative increase: 264 m
Duration (5km/hour): 3,5 h
Level of dificulty (from 0-5): 2


End of the Stage, Rapoula do Côa
Parish of Rapoula do Côa, contact Mr. Álvaro Santos:
+351 964 659 146 [you should bring your sleeping bag]
Sra das Preces, Casas Carya Tallaya (offers transfer): +351 926 035 183

During the stage,
Baraçal, Casa da Colmeia +351 271 606 227
Parish of Vila do Touro, Mr. Amadeu Martins:
+351 918 301 435

FOOD & WATER Check the Interactive Map for details
Rapoula do Côa: Grosseries shop, coffes and fountains
Rendo: Restaurant, grosseries shop, coffes and fountains
Sabugal: Supermarket opened from 9h to 20h; Grosseries shop, coffes and fountains

Taxi square of Sabugal +351 271 752 888 | Contact Mr. Benjamin +351 963 084 129
Casas Carya Tallaya: +351 926 035 183

Visit the river beach of Rapoula do Côa and the Spa Termas do Cró.


Possibility of flooding in some points, on rainy season
Overlaps the Grand Route of the Historical Villages - GR22

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