Stage 1 River spring - Quadrazais

Villages where you can start this stage: Fóios, Vale de Espinho

This stage starts near the Côa river spring, at Serra de Mesas.
The trail goes down the mountain through dirt tracks until it reaches Fóios, passing by large blocs of granite and extense areas of shrub and woodlands, agriculture and pasture fields.

During this stage of GRVC, some parts overlaps the Small Route of Côa Spring PR3 Sabugal, marked with yellow and red stripes). After Fóios, the trail goes across the left border of the river, surrounded by wetlands and grazing fields. After climbing up to Cruz Alta and starting the descent to the village Vale de Espinho different watermills can be seen. Azenha da Peça is the place where you cross the river and there it is also interesting to see Moinho do Engenho.

Between Vale de Espinho and Quadrazais you will walk through the right border of Côa until Moinho do Rato (watermill), where you will cross by the walking pontoon, surrounding then Cabeço do Colmeal and Alto da Vinha. In this section you will so dozens of watermills and pontoons, and you can get the opportunity to refresh in Côa at the river beach of Vale de Espinho and Quadrazais.

Finally, to reach the final destination, you should follow the detour to Quadrazais, outside the GRVC, 1,2km of non-marked trail

Technical Info

Starting point: Nascente do Côa
Arrival: Quadrazais
Distance: 25,5 km
25,5 km
Highest point:
1165 m
Lowest point:
826 m
Cumulative decrease:
713 m
Cumulative increase:
397 m
(5km/hour): 5 h
Level of dificulty
(from 0-5): 3


End of the Stage, Quadrazais
Casa do Manego: +351 966 120 201
Parish of Quadrazais: +351 926 889 123  [Deve levar o seu saco-cama]

During the Stage
Parish of Fóios, Contact Mr. António Lucas, +351 963 465 477 (escola) [Deve levar o seu saco-cama]
Parish of Vale de Espinho, Contact Mr. Domingos Malhadas, +351 961 889 279 [Deve levar o seu saco-cama]

FOOD & WATER Check the Interactive Map for details
Fóios: Coffee, fountains and grosseries shop
Vale de Espinho: Coffee and grosseries shop
Quadrazais: Restaurant; Coffee, fountains and grosseries shop

Taxi square of Sabugal +351 271 752 888
Quadrazais: Sr. António Lourenço +351 966 847 924

River beach of Fóios, Moinho do Engenho (watermill), Moinho do Rato (watermill), river beach of Vale de Espinho, Capela do Espírito Santo; river beach of Quadrazais


Possibility of flooding in some points, on the rainy season
Overlaps the Small Route of Côa Spring PR3 Sabugal

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